Do You Ejaculate Too Fast During Sex? Secret to Last Longer In Bed!

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Do you ejaculate too fast during sex? If this describes you, then you are probably in search of ways to permanently solve this issue.
This problem has made you unable to satisfy your woman in bed during sex.
You are unhappy about the fact that you're embarrassed each time you have sex with your partner because you are not able to bring her to orgasm.
Does it mean that premature ejaculation can't be cured? Understanding what premature ejaculation means will give you the insight you need to permanently stop this problem if you are really seeking for solution to it.
This article reveals the three most commonly asked questions by premature ejaculators and it will help you.
How long does the average man last in bed? Normally, an average man is able to last for about five to ten minutes during sexual intercourse.
However, majority of men have a staying power of just five minute.
This simply implies that most woman don't enjoy sex, in view of the fact that it takes an average of fifteen minutes for a woman to reach orgasm.
Is lasting longer always better? If you ejaculate too fast during sex, you might want to know if lasting longer is better.
A number of men think so.
However, the truth is this.
It depends on how long your partner takes to reach orgasm.
In some cases, it might not be in the course of vaginal penetration! The fact is that, women can get an orgasm via several ways.
Oral sex, foreplay and it have also been proven that mental seduction can make a woman reach orgasm.
The amount of time you spend penetrating her doesn't really count, what really matters is provided she gets an orgasm.
This simply implies that, you should extend the period of foreplay in order to bring her to orgasm prior to penetration.
Even if you're unable to last 1 minute into vagina penetration, you're far ahead of 99% of all men out there! I want to sexually impress a hot date at short notice...
what can I do? This is achievable; here is the key to accomplish this: Masturbate about 1 to 2 hours before the intercourse.
This will help to make you less responsive to sexual stimulations and thereby making you last longer during vagina penetration.
The good thing about it is that, she won't be aware about it.
The fact is that, not being able to last long in bed can ruin your relationship for good.
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