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If there is one lingering image of success in real estate investing, it is that of the charismatic Donald Trump. He is the icon of the highs, and lows, of the business of real estate. His rise from an intrepid investor to a billionaire developer holds out several lessons.

The sheer scale of operations of Trump could overwhelm us all. But, he did not attain it overnight. Sure, he had a legacy of real estate development, the Trump Organization, handed down by his father. However, he worked hard and brought in shrewd business acumen to enlarge his canvas of operations. His vision and commitment made him move away from the traditional strongholds of his father's business and develop multi-million dollar projects with the high and mighty queuing up to grab a cherished piece of property.

There are a couple of lessons here for the retail investor in real estate. Whether one is clutching on a property for a few thousands or closing out with million dollars, the principles underlying real estate investment are just the same. Here is a quick checklist from Donald Trump's life:

Be convinced about the real estate investment before you set out to negotiate. Unless you carry your conviction, others who are part of the scenario would not share your viewpoint. Trump's enthusiasm for the Grand Hyatt project from the dilapidated Commodore Hotel resulted in one of the best landmarks of New York City at a time when others dismissed it as impossible.

Actively involve everyone who is a part of the project. The seller, broker, inspector, lender and yourself are in partnership trying to arrive at a deal that is beneficial to all. To ensure smooth completion of the transaction, communicate effectively with each one so that misconceptions are removed and the deal goes through without glitches.

Do not burn your bridges. Keep your contacts alive through effective networking. Greeting cards, phone calls, messages and gifts are some of the methods to remind others that you are interested in upcoming projects.

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