How to Cut Tires for Traction

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    • 1). Adjust the blade length of your heated knife to approximately a 1/4 inch cutting length. Unscrew the knife tip to loosen the inner blade and adjust the blade position to match your desired cutting length. Typically, 1/4 inch is a good cutting length as it will create a deep enough groove along the tire lug but will not cut deep enough to damage the inner tubing and casing of the tire.

    • 2). Turn on the heated knife and wait for 1 minute for the knife to reach the proper cutting temperature.

    • 3). Cut through the central lugs of your tire, perpendicular to the grain of the tread pattern. Firmly hold the heated knife and simply push the knife across the tire surface with the cutting head flat against the lug. Cutting a new tread pattern perpendicularly will optimize the surface area that comes into contact with the driving surface and will increase the traction greatly.

    • 4). Discard the rubber scraps from the tire. Repeat the cuts in the same pattern on the remaining three tires. Try to keep the pattern as similar as possible between the tires as this will provide even friction distribution across the four tires.

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