Plan a Simple But Stylish Wedding

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Weddings are one expense that can quickly spiral out of control, and unlike the purchase of your home, you will likely need all the money up front or at least a credit card to get the job done.
Planning a simple wedding can help you keep the costs down, but that does not mean you have to have a "cheap" event because it can still be very stylish.
Below are a few tips for planning your simple but stylish wedding.
Planning Before you look for flowers, banquet halls and catering you will want to sit down and plan the entire event.
Make a list of the things you want in your wedding and then come back and take out things that are not essential.
You may be amazed at the money you can save with this step alone.
Guest List Some people want to invite everyone they have ever come in contact with to their special day.
However, consider the merits of having only very close friends and relatives at the ceremony itself.
You can invite the rest of the town to the reception afterwards if you like.
Keeping the guest list small will affect the size of the location you need for the actual wedding, thereby cutting expenses immediately.
Location Once you have a firm guest list in mind it is time to find the location for your wedding.
While fancy banqueting halls are nice, you have to ask yourself if they are that important.
Some of the most beautiful weddings have been conducted on the beach or at a friend's stylish home.
I got married by the side of a lake.
So, forget all the fancy scenes you have seen in the movies and concentrate on making your day the best it can be within your budget.
Do it Yourself Decorations and food add a good amount of money to your wedding.
Think about creating some of the decorations yourself to save money.
For instance, a beautiful trellis can be easily constructed with PVC pipe, lights and tulle.
This works especially well if you will be having an inside wedding where the lights can be lowered and the trellis creates a romantic backdrop.
If you are not mechanically or artistically inclined check with friends and family.
Chances are good that one of them can come through for you.
Browse the bridal magazines for ideas and then look for ways to recreate them for a reasonable price.
Flowers, table centerpieces, and even the cake can often be done very reasonably if you use just a bit of creativity.
Conclusion Do not let the thought of planning a stylish wedding on a budget get you down.
Look at it more like a challenge or a treasure hunt! Even your wedding gown can be absolutely stunning, but still bought for a reasonable price.
Consignment shops and discount shops often have gorgeous dresses for less than $500.
Remember what the day is all about: you are joining your life with the person you love, and everything else is just icing on the cake so to speak.
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