Stress Rash - Anxiety Can Cause Hives and Unidentified Skin Rashes

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Just as anxiety can cause headaches, stomach problems and insomnia, a stress rash is also a common expression for underlying tension.
Stress and anxiety can affect our bodies in a number of ways and the skin is a vulnerable area.
If one has an existing rash due to another cause such as an allergy, scabies bacterial infection, stress can make things worse as insomnia weakens one's immune system and can prevent healing.
Whether stress it the whole or partial factor in the rash, finding effective ways to manage daily tension and stressors without internalizing things to the point of your health deteriorating is very important.
Repetitive negative self-statements and excessive worry can wreak havoc on our immune systems.
Ask yourself if the events you are bothered by will be on your mind three months from now.
Many things that disturb us are very temporary.
For instance, the attitude of someone in a drug store towards you, disappointment at getting a traffic ticket or anger about another pimple will fade away quickly.
However, in the presence of the moment, they can seem huge and snowball with other thoughts.
The traffic ticket situation can grow into negative thoughts such as, "Nothing ever goes my way.
I am always getting the short end of the stick.
" It is these types of thoughts that can drag us down and give us somatic complaints such as headaches, loose bowels and the hives stress rash.
In addition to asking yourself if the situation will bother you in three months from now, have a way to diffuse the inner agitation.
It can be through taking a long walk, swimming, having a funny YouTube clip you play, using relaxation CDs, doing a yoga routine or remembering what really matters.
Situation in life will always be happening and we need to master them in order to not feel victimized.
If you get a stress rash, you may need an antihistamine to get relief from the itching.
Take this so you can get a good night's sleep.
Use anti-inflammatory creams to control the rash.
An oatmeal bath is very therapeutic.
Find ways to look at your boss, in-laws and even kids with humor and not as such intense melodramas.
In the US one out of 8 people have an anxiety disorder and this is close to 20 million people.
A stress rash is very common but it's also good to diagnose it to see if the root may be an infection,excessive perspiration, insect bite, poisonous plant or allergic reaction.
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