5 Important Resources You Need to Create and Publish Your Own Website

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When the popularity of the internet exploded and later the online business, i can only dreamed of having my own website.
This is because in those days, creating a website and publish it online, technically belongs to the seasoned programmers who studied many years about its related programming language.
However, these days, you certainly do not need to be an experience programmer in order to create and publish a website.
How is this possible? Well, thanks to those programmers in putting all the hard work, do the head-scratching and sleepiness nights for us, through their creation of a website editor software.
Why I said that you do not need to be a programmer to create a website? Because I myself, do not know about programming, yet I created and published my own websites! Creating and publishing a website online, is really not that difficult.
You just need the following items below; 1.
Domain Name
What is a domain name? Simply speaking, a domain name is "used as an Internet address to identify the location of particular Web pages".
This is synonymous to your email address.
This is unique and only you has it for as long as you bought it.
Domain names can be recycled though, once you will not renew your ownership of it.
A lot of sources where you can purchase your domain name.
But for me, I am buying my domain names from Namecheap.
Hosting Site
So what is a Hosting site? Basically, these are powerful computers that stores your website files and pages, so that you can readily access and your website visitors.
Do you need to own one? Not necessarily, because a lot of companies offering Hosting services.
So, you might as well leave one headache to somebody and focus on how to create a website.
Does that makes sense? Absolutely! 3.
Website Editor
This is the creepy part for some people, including myself when I started.
Like it or not, not everyone likes to explore or study every details on how to use a new software, specially if you are facing an inch-thick or even a thicker users' manual.
But this is the part that you do not have a choice...
if you want to build a website on your own.
These days, there are lots of website creation software available in the Stores and online as well.
I prefer website editors that are written by somebody who is in online business.
Why is it so? It is because, they know most of the things we need in a software for online business.
So which one to buy? This is ertirely up to you and what features you would want for such a software.
Copy Writers
Do we need a copy writer to build our contents? Certainly, but not so soon! Unless of course, if you have a deeper pocket.
Somehow though, I suggest for you to get one especially if you are dealing with a delicate product proposition in your online business along the way.
But as a beginner, you may not need one.
As the owner of the website, you are in the best position to decide on the contents that you want to populate your website with.
Keep an eye for the use of a Copy Writer, but it is not a must when you are just starting to build your website.
Never underestimate the will power within you.
You are your greatest resource! You'll make the decisions about your website.
If you don't take action, nothing will happen.
This is not a problem though, if you have a lot of money ready at your disposal to have somebody do the job on your behalf.
But not everyone is in this situation.
So, you have find a way to motivate yourself in consistently doing the things that are needed to be done.
This motivation is needed for you to thrive in the real world of online business.
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