How to Stop Metal Bending When Welding

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    • 1). Place the two scrap pieces of metal on top of the welding table.

    • 2). Turn on the MIG welder and adjust the welder's wire speed and heat settings. You will find a chart affixed to the MIG welder that has starting settings for the gauge of the metal you are welding.

    • 3). Put on your welding hood and welding gloves.

    • 4). Set-up the pieces of metal to resemble the weld bead you will be placing on the final work piece. For example, if you will be performing a fillet weld on the final work piece, you would stand one piece of metal perpendicular to the other piece of metal.

    • 5). Align the wire extending from the MIG gun with the area where the two pieces of metal intersect, lower your welding hood and pull the trigger of the MIG gun to place a tack weld on the two pieces of metal. Move the MIG gun to the other end of the metal pieces and repeat the process to place another tack weld on the two pieces of metal. Repeat this step until you have a tack weld placed every two to three inches along the length of the two pieces of metal.

    • 6). Run a weld bead along the tacked weld joint, raise your welding hood and allow the weld joint to cool.

    • 7). Examine the welded pieces of metal and look for bended areas of metal. When you find heat distortion, take note of the direction the metal moved. When you are welding stainless steel, the heat distortion will be more noticeable than carbon steel.

    • 8). Place the work piece to be welded on the surface of your welding table and tack weld the piece to the surface of the welding table to reduce the amount of room the work piece has to move during welding.

    • 9). Adjust the way you weld the work piece based on the way the two scrap pieces of metal bent from heat distortion.

    • 10

      Allow the welded work piece to cool before removing the work piece from the welding table.

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