How to Teach Opposites to Children

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    • 1). Play a game with your children that teaches opposites in a variation of "Simon Says." Draw a large circle outdoors with chalk or make a circle indoors with masking tape. Substitute your name for "Simon." You can begin the game by instructing the children to run in place and then telling them to stand still. Continue giving instructions in pairs of opposites.

    • 2). Share books that teach opposites with your children. Some examples include "Olivia's Opposites," by Ian Falconer, "Two Little Trains," by Margaret Wise Brown and "Night Monkey, Day Monkey," by Julia Donaldson. Add movement to the story activity by having the children act out the opposites heard on each page.

    • 3). Sing children's songs about opposites. Have the children stand in a circle to dance and act out the songs.

    • 4). Make books about opposites. Write opposites such as hot and cold, on and off, happy and sad, and up and down on construction paper for each child. Have him illustrate the words with crayon drawings or pictures cut from magazines. Staple the pages together.

    • 5). Celebrate "Opposites Day." Send a note home to parents prior to "Opposites Day," suggesting that the children wear clothing backwards or inside out. Greet the children with "Goodnight," walk backwards and serve pineapple upside down cake.

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