Flirting With Confidence - How to Leave Him Wanting More

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Do you know how to flirt with confidence? Do you know how to leave him wanting more? Do you wish you knew who to flirt like other girls? Could you use some tips on being a good flirt? If you answered yes to any of these, continue reading to learn how to flirt with confidence and leave him wanting more.
The object of flirting is to let a guy know you are interested with out seeming overly interested or desperate.
You want to give him just enough to bring him back for more.
Flirting with confidence and leaving him wanting more, is as easy as practicing the following suggestions: - He is the only guy in the room.
Or at least you need to make him feel that way.
Give him your undivided attention, look him in the eye and hang on his every word.
- Be playful and fun.
Guys need to know a girl can be fun and not serious all the time.
Guys never really grow up, they always keep a since of wanting to have fun and playing.
Be light hearted, laugh when he is funny, and show him you are fun to be around.
- Make the right connections.
Flirting is not the time to be all over him.
Flirting should be a light touch on the hand, a nudge or a gentle punch when you are near him.
Touching does send the message you are interested...
but you don't want to look easy.
- Be aware of quitting time.
Flirting should be a brief encounter.
Remember, you want to leave him wanting to more.
Keep the encounter brief, long enough to give him a glimpse of who you are and make your exit.
If you want to see him again, slip you number in his pocket or leave him your card, but don't make it obvious.
The rule of thumb for flirting is less is more.
You can flirt with confidence and leave him wanting more by following the guidelines mentioned above.
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