IBM ThinkPad 2681-HU1 Laptop Features

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    Processor and Memory Features

    • The IBM ThinkPad 2681-HU1 has a Mobile Intel processor from the low-end Celeron brand of semiconductor company Intel. It has a 2-GHz processing speed and a 256KB cache for high-speed access to the computer's most frequently used data. Pre-installed memory is 512MB, using Synchronous Dynamic RAM architecture. Lenovo gives the laptop's RAM a maximum expandability of 1GB.

    Multimedia Features

    • Each 2681-HU1 configuration of the IBM ThinkPad R40 has a mid-range 40GB hard disk drive, which spins at an industry-low rotational speed of 4,200 revolutions per minute. The optical combo drive plays and records CDs and plays DVDs. Audio mainly consists of a motherboard-integrated AD1981A driver from semiconductor manufacturer Analog Devices, and headphone and microphone jacks. Video and graphics come from a 16MB ATI Mobility Radeon chipset -- also motherboard-integrated.

    Connectivity Features

    • The IBM ThinkPad R40's 2681-HU1 has a 56Kbps modem with adherence to the International Telecommunications Union's V.92 protocol, communications daughter card and RJ-11 jack. Wired networking comes from the built-in 10/100 Ethernet driver with RJ-45 jack, while the wireless network connectivity comes from an Intel adapter that follows the International Electrical and Electronics Engineers' 802.11b standard. External interfaces -- apart from the audio and networking jacks -- include two USB 2.0 ports, IEEE-1394 jack, S-video output and picture tube connector for external computer display.

    Physical Features

    • Each IBM ThinkPad 2681-HU1 has a 14.1-inch screen with thin-film transistor and LCD technology. The screen display quality is 1,024 by 768 pixels in resolution. Other physical dimensions include a 12.3-inch width, 10-inch depth and 1.53-inch height. The weight of the laptop is listed at 6 lbs.

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