How to Wrap Your Home For Valentine"s Day With One Gift!

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Valentine's is around the corner and even if you are not in a relationship it is a perfect time to remember much we love - our friends, family, and ourselves.
And what better way to express our love then with a gift that lasts several days, even weeks, and years (in the fond memories of the occasion).
This article will show you how you can wrap your home with additional love and warmth with just ONE gift.
What is the gift? A bouquet of flowers with a "twist".
The "twist" is that instead of giving/having flowers that just sit in one area, aromatize your home with one of nature's beauty to brighten your home and your heart every time you see it - throughout your home! So, are you ready to find out HOW to stretch a dozen roses to illuminate your home? Now remember, you don't have to stick to just roses for Valentines, any bouquet of your favorite flowers will do.
Here's how, start by: 1.
Separating the bouquet; separate each flower, as well as, the decorative add-ons (leaves, etc.
) 2.
Get a variety of vases (you will need 6 for the below "decoration valentine recipe").
6 vases for 6 rooms! 3.
Trim the stems of the flowers to fit the proportion of your vase and remove any additional leaves ON the stems that seem to "stuffy" for the vase.
Don't have enough vases in your home? Don't worry! It only means that it is time to be unique and thrifty-chic by going to the following places in your home for additional vases: your pantry and refrigerator! Grab clear jars (e.
from jams, spaghetti, pesto sauce, vinegar, olive jars, etc.
) that have different shapes and different sizes.
Remove the labels - soak in water for at least 20 minutes to facilitate removing the labels (and yes, remove the contents inside!!).
Also, a good "vase" resource could be TALL narrow drinking glasses.
Here's the recipe per room to glamourize your home for valentines: 3 flowers Foyer: Place a few bunched up on your console table in a jar (um, I mean "vase").
Maybe seeing flowers next to bills can soften the thought of "bills".
0 flower Kitchen: Instead of flowers, showcase the add-ons that came with the flowers.
Display them on the counter to keep you company when you are slicing and dicing away your dinner preps.
1 flower Dining: Instead of tall flowers that may obstruct the vision when talking across the table, take a few pedals from 1 flower and have them float in water in a clear bowl.
5 flowers Living Room: Since this room is one of the biggest and most used rooms in homes, I suggest using the most flowers in this room..
so go crazy and use FIVE flowers in a bunch! 2 flowers Bedroom: Place 1 single flower next to each night stand, and add an extra loving touch to your room décor - wrap a note on the stem with your valentines message or soulful declaration: o I love you o I am beautiful o I am strong o You brighten up my world o You are "marvelous" o Life is beautiful Wrap the message with a ribbon or thread or even ties from grocery bags (you know the ones that ties the loaf of bread, potato sack, etc.
1 flower Bathroom: Place a single flower near your faucet or counter -basically the area that is most viewable to you in the morning.
If you have a roomy window sill in your bathroom shove your toiletries to the side and add the flower onto the sill.
If doing this, I recommend a "plastic" clear jar as a vase instead of glass since you may not be used to having glassware in the bathroom.
TOTAL = 12 flowers that WRAP your home! So go ahead and whether you are getting flowers from a love one or treating yourSELF to a bouquet of flowers this valentines - wrap your home this valentines with flowers EVERYwhere! Yes, EVEN in the bathroom - ESPECIALLY in the bathroom - it will be a ray of delicate sunshine into your bathroom (like a subtle morning cup of tea).
This is especially important with large household where the bathroom is the private quite time to brush your teeth and take a shower that invigorates you for the beautiful day ahead! Forward this article to all those who you think would want to know how to easily stretch a bouquet of flowers to fill their homes with nature's love.
Have a happy valentines day! LIVE HAPPY!
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