How to Change Meta Tags in WordPress

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    • 1). Log in to your WordPress admin area. When its Control Panel appears, click "Appearance" from the menu bar on the left side of the screen, and then click "Editor." This brings up the HTML files that control the appearance of your WordPress site.

    • 2). Click "header.php" from the list of files located down the right side of the screen. Before making any changes to a WordPress HTML file, it is wise to make a back up copy. Select all the code in the central editing area, paste it into a text editor such as Notepad, and save it to your computer.

    • 3). Scan "header.php" in the editing area of your WordPress screen, and try to find the <meta> tags. They are all located between the <head> and </head> tags near the top of the file.

    • 4). Modify the meta tags to suit your needs. When you do this, ensure that the code is correct for each meta tag. All meta tags must have a closing ">" bracket (without quotations), and the value of each attribute must be contained in quotation marks. For example, if you wanted to change the meta description of your WordPress site, which controls what is displayed in the description for the Yahoo!, Bing, and sometimes Google search engines, this would be a correct format to use:

      <meta name="description" content="A short message describing your website" >

    • 5). Click "Update File" at the bottom of the page. Your changes have now been saved. Go to your blog page and check that your site is working correctly. If it is not, return to the editor and review your code for mistakes.

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