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Who wants to be 2nd? Did you know that ranking 1st on Google can get you 60% more traffic than coming 2nd? That's the second slot not the second page.
If you really want to build your own business website - this is where the money is to be made and the benefits realised.
Maximising your Google and search engine ranking.
In the real world it's all about 'location, location, location'.
If you buy a house or locate your business - the key to its success is exactly that.
The online world is not so different.
It is the difference between standing in the middle of a city centre and standing in the middle of a field with only a tractor for company.
So how do you rank on 1st on the Search Engines? If you are about to build your own business website - how do you get to those lofty number 1 positions? With a little bit of thought, the right tools and guidance - it can be done quickly, easily and minimal investment.
Ready to Build your own business website? Follow these 3 killer tips! 1) Find out what people are looking for in the search engines Your future customers will enter specific questions into the search engines.
I recently had a knocking sound coming from the drivers side of my car.
Guess what I did? I typed 'knocking sound from drivers side of Dodge Ram'.
(I don't have a dodge ram but for the purpose of this article you bet I do!!) So guess what page came top on Google? The page which had almost an exact match for 'knocking sound from drivers side of Dodge Ram'.
If you can do some very simple keyword research (there are plenty of tools - free or paid for, such as Site Build It) you can identify these words and phrases, and target customers needing your help.
From 'find a plumber to fix my sink' to 'where can I learn to fly'.
If you can find out what people are looking for - you can get them to your website.
2)Pre-Sell Your Customer The biggest no-no is selling too hard, too quick.
Think to a problem you tried to research online - where you looking for help or looking to buy? 9 times out of 10 you are looking to research and find out more, find a solution to your problem.
As soon as you see a website that's asking for money...
that's it - you hit the back button and it's bye bye visitor.
Or bye bye business! Pre-Selling is by far the biggest tool on the internet.
The power of words.
If you write to help your customers, show that you understand their problem, provide some useful information that helps - then they are much more likely to use your recommended product or service.
The end result is getting the business.
This is how you build your own business website for success.
Find your market and warm them up - get them ready not for the sale, for the recommendation.
Put them in control of the decision making process.
Just give them a little nudge and a wink along the way as you guide them to their best solution (your product).
The secret to building your own business website is as much about the content as it is about the look.
Too many people think a nice looking website will get the business in.
That is the biggest, novice myth there is.
A successful business website knows how to 'get the click'.
The webmaster knows how to satisfy her visitors, satisfy the Search engines (they provide the traffic after all) and line up the visitor for the inevitable monetization.
It is about finding your targeted market, through careful keyword research, pre-selling to warm them up - then helping them in their decision.
3) Position your doors strategically! Every visitor will leave your website.
You're focus should be on making sure the leave via a door that puts money in your pocket.
A clean and simple website, well laid out to maximise monetization - your website will easily accomplish this.
Our biggest enemy is the 'back button'.
With correct content and linking you can carefully guide your visitor through you website to the links that make you the money.
It could be an advert, a form or a webpage with your telephone number.
If you're confident in your product, then all routes should lead straight to your profit sheet! Putting this plan of action in place can be as easy or as hard as you would like it to be.
You need to learn (not in huge depth): - Finding a niche or an angle to attack your market - How to pick profitable keywords - Building your website - Structuring the site to keep the search engines coming! - Filling it up with excellent content - quickly and easily - Building links or you could trial Site Build It - It'll save you a stack of time, do all of this and teach you along the way.
No brainer.
If you have the desire and are prepared to try Site Build It then you will have the foundations of a successful online business.
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