How to Duplicate DVDs

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    • 1). Download Nero at A link to the site is in the References section of this article.

    • 2). Start Nero's recode feature, which is the feature that duplicates DVDs. Once the program has started, select "Copy Entire DVD-video" from Nero's main menu.

    • 3). Click the "import DVD button" that appears on the screen. This will open up a dialogue box featuring different folders. Find the one that holds your DVD player and select it.

    • 4). Examine the contents of the window that opens up, which will feature different columns labeled "Content," "Duration," "Size" and "Video Quality." At the bottom right of your screen there will be a box labeled "Fit to Target," with DVD-5 (4.7 GB) as its default.

    • 5). Make sure the movie fits properly. To do this, check to see if you it's necessary for you to de-select any titles, audio tracks or sub-pictures to make your copy fit.

    • 6). If the movie still doesn't fit once you've removed all the extras, you're going to have to reduce the quality of the copy. To do this, click "More" and then click "Profiles." Select your preferences for the video quality and save these changes as a new file. Make sure the movie now fits according to the meter at the bottom of the screen.

    • 7). Click "Next" at the bottom right of the screen. At this point you also need to make sure your burner is ready to be used and that your temporary files drive has at least 5 GB of space.

    • 8). Burn the DVD by clicking "Burn."

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