Instructions on How to Throw a Kunai Knife

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    • 1). Rest your plywood target against a sturdy support, such as a wall or tree trunk. Place an old towel on the ground to prevent your blade from getting nicked or dirty in the likely event that it does not stick into the wood.

    • 2). Stand 10 feet away from your target. You should not stand any closer when you first begin practicing, as the blade can strike ring-first and bounce away from the wood.

    • 3). Stand perpendicularly to the target with your dominant arm nearest to the plywood. Your back foot face forwards (also perpendicular to the target) and your front foot should be turned out toward the plywood.

    • 4). Grip the knife blade with your throwing hand. The tip of the blade should rest in the center of your palm, with the hilt extending at a slight diagonal angle toward your index and pointer fingers. Keep all four fingers straight while holding the blade in place with your thumb.

    • 5). Point your entire arm at the center of the plywood target. Bend your elbow 90 degrees so that your hand is pointing toward the sky. Slowly straighten your arm, keeping your wrist straight, and aim your hand at the target once again. This is the basic throwing motion you will use.

    • 6). Throw the knife. Start by bending your elbow, and then rapidly straighten your arm, releasing the knife when your forearm is at a 15- to 20-degree angle to the ground. Follow through after the throw by fully straightening your arm at the target. If the release was timed correctly, the knife will rotate 180 degrees in the air and embed its sharp tip into the plywood.

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