How to Dance the Weight Away

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Ever looked in the mirror and wondered.., "What the hell happened?"

When I went to bed last night is seemed I was 20 something staying up until the wee hours dancing the night, then having to get up early to go to work.

But, when I woke up this morning I was a 40 something grandmother wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt wondering why 7am came so damn early.

Then came the decision to lose weight and tone up.., or at least make sure some things are back up to where they belong instead of sagging down around my.., well.., never mind.

So you go to the gym or the health club only to walk away more depressed than when you walked in.

If it wasn't the price for the memberships, which these days seem to be just shy of the national deficit, it's the skinny little bimbos that tell me I needed to change my lifestyle.

I'm raising grandkids.., don't talk to me about changing my lifestyle! You toothpick in tennis shoes!

So.., what do I do?

I was looking at some old pictures and noticed that in almost every one of them I was out dancing. Dancing! That's it!

I'll Dance the Weight Away!

I mean who doesn't like music and dancing right? So I started looking at the benefits of dancing and exactly what type of dancing could really help to shed the weight and tone up.

You know what I found? They all involve you moving your body from head to toe. And the music you can dance to is almost as varied as music itself.

So here's a breakdown of the calories you burn while dancing;

  • Ballet - 100 calories an hour

  • Belly Dancing - 300 calories an hour

  • Ballroom Dancing - up to 400 calories an hour (depending on the dance)

  • Hip Hop - 300 calories an hour

  • Line Dancing - 400 calories an hour

  • Salsa, Merenge - 400 calories an hour

So I choose Salsa, Merenge.

You start with a toned down version of the dance and then build up to the full blown, hopping around, shimmy shaking, hip grinding, sexy dance. And it happens really quickly.

In 4 weeks you'll notice you've lost dress sizes, you'll feel wonderful and, more importantly you'll feel sexy, you'll drop some weight, and more importantly you'll have fun doing it!

So if you want to have fun shedding those extra pounds and getting toned up.., why not Dance the Weight Away!
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