How to Replace a Neutral Safety Switch on a 1985 Toyota Camry

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    • 1). Jack up the rear end of your Camry, and put jack stands in place.

    • 2). Crawl beneath the rear end and locate the neutral safety switch. It will be located on the lower side of your transmission on the driver's side.

    • 3). Remove the hex-shaped nut mounting it to the side of the transmission with the socket set.

    • 4). Unplug the neutral safety switch from its wiring harness once the switch has been unbolted from the side of the transmission.

    • 5). Ready the drain pan beneath the safety switch port. When you remove the switch from the port, transmission fluid will be released. Pull the safety switch from its port.

    • 6). Plug in the plug end of the new safety switch back into its port quickly, so as not to lose too much fluid.

    • 7). Plug the wire harness into the back of the new neutral safety switch.

    • 8). Mount the new safety switch back to the side of the transmission by replacing the mounting bolt.

    • 9). Remove the jack stands and lower your Camry.

    • 10

      Open the hood, start your engine and check the automatic transmission fluid level. If it is low, turn off your engine and add a quart.

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