How to Create a Hyperlink in HTML

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Use the A HREF tag in notepad to create a hypertext link. This is the simplest method and is the most straightforward.

Start the A HREF tag with an open bracket (<) to identify the tag as HTML code. This allows the web browser to read the link correctly. I should look like this: <A HREF

Insert an equal sign then the name of the individual webpage or file within quotes. The file extension must be included, such as .htm for webpages or .asp for a dynamic content generated page. Now the code should look like this: < A HREF=""

Type a closed bracket (>) and provide the text you want to appear for the link. Your link should look like this: < A HREF=""> My Web Home Page

End the hypertext link by enclosing the code /A within brackets. This identifies the end of the hypertext link. Web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox read this code and display the next content identified in the page's coding. The complete hyperlink looks like this: < A HREF=""> My Web Home Page

Create a hypertext link using software, such as Dreamweaver or Microsoft Word. There are many programs that allow users to highlight text or an image and insert a hypertext link into the document. This method is good for the average user.
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