The Secret to Making Money Online - Finding a Project and Making it Happen

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Everyone is trying to sell you the secret to making money online.
The internet gurus sell you a dream but the key is finding a system that works then sticking to it till the end.
You see there are many internet gurus who sell you the dream about hands free money making machines.
You buy the book and believe they hype and try to use the information to make your online fortune.
Then you go back to your inbox see another email from another internet guru who sells you a better idea and then you follow that method.
This can happen time and time again with you making very little money but forking out a lot.
The only way to make money online is to find a method that is tried and tested and stick to it.
That is what the internet gurus are doing they just make money selling products to their email lists which is you.
They set you up then sell you something else.
If you are looking for a way to make money online why not try Google AdSense.
You find yourself a keyword with little competition and over 1,000 searches a month.
You set up a domain with the keyword in it and then get back links through article marketing.
You just gear your website so that people are inclined to click on the Google ads on your site.
Every time they click on those ads you get some money.
It maybe a small amount of money but set up enough sites and the money starts to add up.
There are many Google publishers out there and many make a good living out of it.
It can be hard to keep writing articles all the time but you just have to believe in your goal.
If you want to make money online then you have to keep at a project whatever it is.
Very few people make money instantly online as you have to have age on your sites most of the time to get ranked high in the search engines.
You have to keep the faith and stick with a project and eventually you will see profits.
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