How to Win at Siena

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    • 1). Bid on the opening auctions to gain the initiative. Going first will let you sell the starting corn with a single corn card, for an 8-florin profit.

    • 2). Sell everything you can; never leave goods for your opponents. Save your cards until you can sell your own goods, acquire the mule card, or take advantage of other players' half-finished goods.

    • 3). Jump to merchant if the other players will all be stuck as peasants for a few turns. This will allow you access to the spice and cloth they produce while trading lower goods.

    • 4). Consider remaining a peasant for a few turns if all other players are going to be merchants for a while. This will allow you to sell all the corn, wine and oil they produce.

    • 5). Sell your goods charitably as a merchant to draw senesi cards. Unless you need the florins, it's generally a good idea to sell for a 15-florin reduction in price and take your choice of 2 senesi cards.

    • 6). Claim enough journey cards to finish a full journey before starting out on any journeys. You don't want to leave yourself in the middle of journeys that you'll need to abandon to harvest goods.

    • 7). Grab the Calendrino cards as soon as you're close to becoming a banker. It will prevent other players from using them to attack you, as well as giving you ammunition against them.

    • 8). Take advantage of the Inn by auctioning off an artist whenever you can. It will be cheaper for you than for other players, which gives you a slight edge.

    • 9). Donate to the church before the game ends. Although you can only do it once, you don't want to miss your chance to do it that one time.

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