Cadillac CTS Headlight Installation

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    • 1). Turn off your Cadillac CTS.

    • 2). Slide under the car and look for the small pin clips above the bumper that secure the central grille to the vehicle. Detach these two clips by pushing them in until they release and come out. Raise the Cadillac CTS using the car jack and jack stands if you can't get under the car otherwise.

    • 3). Prop open the hood and remove the two pin clips on the back of the central grille by pushing them in until they release. Pull out the front grille.

    • 4). Remove the pin clips on top of the bulkhead that covers the headlight. Pull the bulkhead away to give you access to the bolts mounting the current headlight to the Cadillac CTS.

    • 5). Remove the three rear bolts mounting the headlight to the vehicle. The bolts are on the engine-compartment side of the headlight.

    • 6). Pull the headlight out of its socket. Try prying it on one side, then the other, with a screwdriver if it won't come out easily. Do not jerk the headlight completely out of the socket as it is still attached to the car by the wiring harness. Disconnect the wiring harness when you can reach it.

    • 7). Install the new headlight by connecting it to the wiring harness and seating it in the cavity where the old headlight sat. Secure the headlight with the three bolts you removed earlier, then replace the bulkhead and the central grille.

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