Powder Coated Paint Uses

A powder coat paint makes this car bright.rear brake light detail on british sports car image by Bo Widerberg from Fotolia.comPowder coated paint was first developed in the late 1940s and the beginning of the 1950s by a German scientist, Dr. Erwin Gemmer. However, a company called Bosch...

Head Gasket Torque Specs

Threads on a bolt are designed to clamp against the threads of the bolt hole.rusty threads image by Thor Jorgen Udvang from Fotolia.comWhile bolts appear very rigid, they are designed to stretch slightly to provide clamping force on the threads. A head gasket is designed to give, or...

How to Paint a Truck With a Brush

Painting a vehicle usually includes using a spray gun and an air compressor, though it isn"t required. If you are looking for a way to paint a truck without the expense and safety concerns of using professional equipment, you can get away with using a brush. The results won"t compare to a profession

How to Cut Tires for Traction

Oftentimes while off-road driving, vehicle operators desire more traction from their tires" performance. A process commonly known as "grooving" can be implemented to old tires that have lost their traction quality or even new tires whose treads are not designed very well. With a heated knife tool, o



Is it me, or is speed dating cool now?

For some of us the dating game can be very difficult. Just where are you supposed to meet the right person? If you are career orientated then your options for meeting potential spouses are very limite


1950s Diner Clothes

The diner is as much a part of Americana as apple pie and baseball. Though initially established in the late nineteenth century, the most vivid diner imagery dates back to the 1950s when these eating establishments transitioned from roadside stopovers to teenage hot-spots. An entire culture was crea





Homeopathic Canine Arthritis Medication

Older canines and those who are overweight are more likely to develop arthritis--an inflammation of the joints and connective tissue--than younger, fitter dogs. Signs of canine arthritis include limping, uncharacteristic sleeping and sudden inactivity in an active dog.


How to Get T-Mobile Ringtones

While the ringtones that come on your T-Mobile phone are decent, most people prefer to download ringtones that fit their personality and style. Follow the steps below to download T-Mobile ringtones either online or through your cell phone.